“Act One is more than an educational program — it is a vital resource, both creatively and spiritually, for the new vanguard of Christian film professionals.”
-Bill Marsilii, Writer, Deja Vu, The Wind in the Willows

“Every great production starts with the writer. Writers who are interested in the craft of writing should start with Act One!”
-Ralph Winter, Executive Producer, Fantastic Four, X-Men

“Act One is a program that combines values with solid knowledge and experience in the film industry. The leaders are brilliant, and the students are terrific. I’ve been impressed with this program since it’s beginning – and continue to be. It has vision, imagination, and knows what needs to be learned and how to teach it.”
-Dr. Linda Seger, Script Consultant, Author of Making a Good Script Great and Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success

“Writers who are successful write. Act One will give you the training, the motivation, and the support to jump-start your writing career.”
-David McFadzean, Executive Producer, Home Improvement, What Women Want

“Act One develops top notch writers – it’s just that simple. There’s no other program like it.”
-Jeff Holder, Act One Faculty, Network and Studio Executive, ABC, Sony, Hanna-Barbera

“Mentoring Act One students is my way of encouraging and empowering the next generation of screenwriters.”
-Monica Macer, Act One Faculty, Writer, Lost (ABC), Prison Break (Fox)

“Act One is an invaluable experience, a wonderful synthesis of the spiritual and the practical.”
-Chris Easterly, Act One Graduate, 2008 Warner Brothers Workshop Winner, Staff Writer, Unnatural History (CN)

“The breadth of the industry that we are exposed to during the program has more than equipped me with an advanced understanding of the business. The wisdom that the instructors imparted to us would have taken years for us to learn on our own. I feel that the program served to spare me from making costly mistakes in the future.”
-Ben Lobato, Staff Writer, The Unit

“One of the most fulfilling months of my life…both spiritually and artistically… It doesn’t make writing easier. It makes it harder…and better…and thank God for that.”
-Kevin Chesley, Act One graduate, Writer, The Hard Times of RJ Berge (MTV)

Act One not only made me a better writer, it also gave me the connections to start my career in Hollywood… and a community of support to keep me here.
- Robert Kirbyson, Writer-Director, Ctrl (NBC), Snowmen

“Act One seeks to form writers reflective of what might be called a ‘Judeo-Christian professionalism’– writers who combine the highest professional standards with the highest moral values.”
–Cardinal John Patrick Foley