Act One’s Writing Program is not just creating great writers, but great artists. In the world of imagination, we will show you how to become a genius.


TV. Film. Web. Apps. Video Games. All of these mediums require great stories. The global market is looking for your brilliance–let us help you bring your storytelling skills to light.

It’s not enough to be “just” a screenwriter. It’s not enough to be “just” a director. You need to become something more.

The entertainment landscape wants unique voices. Individuals with a unique vision who have a variety of artistic skill sets. People whose stories can be told in all media. 

The world wants a Master Storyteller.

Using innovative and cutting edge theory, we will teach you how to tap into your genius and create universal stories for a variety of platforms. The world needs more awe-inspiring, inspirational, aspirational, thought-provoking stories, new experiences and epic universes.

The Writing Classes (Both online and in-person) will cover screenwriting fundamentals (plot, character, dialogue and structure) and more. You will be trained to:

  • Become a Master Storyteller: Learn how to create compelling stories that can be told in multiple platforms and media.
  • Learn Neurocinematics: Learn the secrets to why blockbusters routinely make a billion dollars and how you can create a story that resonates in the global market.
  • Learn Craft: Learn storytelling skills that are applicable in other fields such as animation, comic books, video games, novels, podcasts, and even songwriting. Anything that involves story.
  • Learn Artistry: Learn why poetry is the ingredient that drives storytelling to a high level of artistry. You’ll learn concepts such as screenplay poetry and visual poetry.
  • Learn How to Unlock Your Creativity: No more writer’s block. You’ll learn innovative techniques such as Mirroring and the Divergence Exercise to unleash your imagination and write anytime and any place. We’ll also teach you work-life integration, essential for the profession.
  • Understand The Power of the Spiritual Experience: Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. The Godfather. Gone With the Wind. Learn why these films and many others create a spiritual experience that raises up legions of loyal fans.
  • Learn Technology & Storytelling: Learn how to create stories that will adapt to the latest technology and beyond, from apps, streaming, virtual reality and more.
  • Learn Visual Literacy: You’ll learn to unlock your inner illustrator as we teach you visual storytelling principles essential for storyboards and comic books. You don’t even need to know how to draw — just how to tell a story.
  • Learn How to Brand Yourself: Stand out from the crowd. We’ll teach you how to distinguish yourself and rise above the competition.

Learn how to be an artist, an innovator, and a visionary. Learn to be a Master Storyteller.


Over the 10-weeks, screenwriting basics (plot, character, dialogue, structure, world building, and more)  will be taught via video courses, group Skype sessions and one-on-one mentoring. The 10-weeks are structured like this:

  • 80+ Hours of Video Instruction
  • 20+ Hours of Group Skype Sessions
  • 15+ Hours of One-on-one Mentoring via phone or Skype
  • Weekly writing assignments
  • Weekly film viewing assignments
  • Reading assignments (Save the Cat, The Hollywood Standard, etc.)


Over the 10-weeks, screenwriting basics (plot, character, dialogue, structure, world building, and more)  will be taught in-person, on location in Hollywood. The 10 weeks include:

  • 80+ Hours of In-person, Classroom Instruction (10 Weeks/Saturdays, 9-6pm)
  • GroupWriting Sessions
  • One-on-one Mentoring
  • Weekly writing assignments
  • Weekly film viewing assignments
  • Reading assignments (Save the Cat, The Hollywood Standard, etc.)


“Act One is more than an educational program — it is a vital resource, both creatively and spiritually, for the new vanguard of Christian film professionals.”
-Bill Marsilii, Writer, Deja Vu, The Wind in the Willows

“Act One is a program that combines values with solid knowledge and experience in the film industry. The leaders are brilliant, and the students are terrific. I’ve been impressed with this program since it’s beginning – and continue to be. It has vision, imagination, and knows what needs to be learned and how to teach it.”
-Dr. Linda Seger, Script Consultant, Author of Making a Good Script Great and Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success

“Writers who are successful write. Act One will give you the training, the motivation, and the support to jump-start your writing career.”
-David McFadzean, Executive Producer, Home Improvement, What Women Want

“Act One develops top notch writers – it’s just that simple. There’s no other program like it.”
-Jeff Holder, Act One Faculty, Network and Studio Executive, ABC, Sony, Hanna-Barbera

“Mentoring Act One students is my way of encouraging and empowering the next generation of screenwriters.”
-Monica Macer, Act One Faculty, Writer, Lost (ABC), Prison Break (Fox)

“Act One is an invaluable experience, a wonderful synthesis of the spiritual and the practical.”
-Chris Easterly, Act One Graduate, 2008 Warner Brothers Workshop Winner, Staff Writer, Unnatural History (CN)

“The breadth of the industry that we are exposed to during the program has more than equipped me with an advanced understanding of the business. The wisdom that the instructors imparted to us would have taken years for us to learn on our own. I feel that the program served to spare me from making costly mistakes in the future.”
-Ben Lobato, Staff Writer, The Unit

“One of the most fulfilling months of my life…both spiritually and artistically… It doesn’t make writing easier. It makes it harder…and better…and thank God for that.”
-Kevin Chesley, Act One graduate, Writer, The Hard Times of RJ Berge (MTV)

Act One not only made me a better writer, it also gave me the connections to start my career in Hollywood… and a community of support to keep me here.
– Robert Kirbyson, Writer-Director, Ctrl (NBC), Snowmen

“Act One seeks to form writers reflective of what might be called a ‘Judeo-Christian professionalism’– writers who combine the highest professional standards with the highest moral values.”
–Cardinal John Patrick Foley


Q: How do I contact Act One?
A: Act One can be reached at 2690 N. Beachwood Dr., Hollywood, CA 90068. You can best reach us via email or schedule a phone call with us to go into more details about our various programs and services.

Q: When is the deadline for the Writing Program applications?
A: Summer: May 15 first deadline.  Extended Deadline: May 25, 2016.

Q: What is the application fee?
A: $50 (Regular Deadline)

Q: How soon will I hear back from you?
A: We accept applications on a rolling basis. Once your application is received, we will notify you of your status within 30 days. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll hear back on whether you’ve been accepted and the sooner you can begin to prepare for the program.

Q: What kind of applicants are you looking for?
A: We’re looking for talented writers who love film and TV and are serious about their Christian faith.

Q: What can I expect to accomplish in the Writing Program?
A: The Writing Program is a series of intensive lectures and workshops focused on the craft of screenwriting, coupled with rigorous writing exercises and individualized weekly feedback on your work from a Hollywood professional. Curriculum includes classes and assignments on structure, character, dialogue, the spiritual journey of a writer, screenings, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and much more!

Q: How much writing experience do Act One students typically have?
A: Our students range from beginners with no experience to working screenwriters. According to the surveys we conduct at the completion of each program, students of all experience levels find the program challenging and valuable.

Q: How old are most Act One students?
A: Act One students are typically between 22 and 45.

Q: What is the schedule of the  Summer Writing Programs?
A: 4-Day Intensive Workshop, followed by in-person classes held on Saturdays in Hollywood or online classes held remotely.

Q: What is the structure/schedule of the 4-Day Intensive Workshop?
A: The Intensive Workshops runs anywhere from 9 – 6 pm. During the Workshop, students will attend class, with a few hours of quiet time for worship and reflection scheduled intermittently. Due to the intense schedule, students should completely clear their schedules from all other obligations for the week of the week.

Q: What is the structure/schedule for the rest of the Summer Programs?
A:  For in-person, you will meet on Saturdays in a classroom setting. During the week, you will be working on writing assignments and meeting with a small group of writers to go through work. For the online, during the week, you will view the video courses, meet with your class and a Master Teacher held via Skype, and meet one-on-one with the Master Teacher via Skype as well.

Q: Does Act One provide financial aid or scholarships?
A: Act One does NOT offer traditional financial aid. However, we do allow our students to spread out the cost of the program over several months.

Q: When is tuition due?
A: A deposit is required upon acceptance into the program to hold your spot. Dates are listed at the top of the page.


SUMMER 2016  |  2 Programs: IN-PERSON or ONLINE:

  • 4-Day Intensive Workshop: June 8-11, 2016
  • 10-Week In-person or Online Courses: June 17 – August 27, 2016




$2,499.00 (PAY-IN FULL by June 1, 2016.)
$1,500.00 Deposit Due Upon Acceptance

APPS DUE by May 15, 2016   May 25, 2016 (Deadline Extended!)

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