Act One is an innovative, Christian training program and incubator for writers and producers of film, television, and digital media. Since 1999, Act One exists to create a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry who are committed to artistry, professionalism, meaning, and a vibrant relationship with God.

Our vision is to produce cinema and television that respect and serve the global audience, combing mastery of craft with depth and substance.

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Act One finished 2013 with incredible success from our student programs, outstanding alumni workshops and ground-breaking community events.  Yet as we entered 2014, much to our shock, our payroll company shut their doors as the owners fled the country, embezzling millions of their client’s money. Act One has suffered a $20,000 loss as a consequence of their actions.

In a proactive step, we’ve contacted the IRS and notified them of the situation. With God’s grace, we are hoping that they will be willing to work with us and give us a payment plan that we can manage.

This Spring, to help curtail the $20,000 loss Act One incurred, we are running a fundraising campaign more significant than ever before.

Your contributions will not only assist us in this unfortunate circumstance but also to continue supporting and growing this community of entertainment professionals that is absolutely essential to Hollywood.

*If you would like more information on the LA Payroll scandal, see the L.A. Times recent article highlighting this event.

“I believe that Act One’s students and extended community’s influence will continue to grow with the industry. As Hollywood expands its global reach and the digital marketplace continues to dominate, the need for the kind of professionally trained, highly skilled writers, producers and executives that Act One is known for producing, will ensure continued positive impact in the future.” – Christian McGuigan, Participant Media


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