INTRODUCTION: Dawn Asher & Christina Lee Storm (9:00 – 9:15AM)

KEYNOTE: Jonathan Taplin, from the Annenberg Innovation Lab (9:15 – 9:45 AM)

Your online voice will only be heard if you embrace the possibilities of growing technology. And it’s all at your fingertips.

Jonathan Taplin sheds light on the vast landscape of digital opportunity before us right now and offers his take on forming a new media and entertainment ecosystem, a 3-year initiative he is leading at the Annenberg Innovation Lab, called the Edison Project.

Taplin is the Director of the USC ANNENBERG INNOVATION LAB, which defines innovation as a social, collaborative process involving artists, scientists and humanists wrestling with new problems raised by technology. This team is on the cutting edge of new media and trans media, and their partners include major studios and technology innovators like Warner Bros., Dreamworks and IBM.


BRANDING: Jim Krueger (9:45 – 10:30 AM)

So you’ve set your heart on writing and producing feature films…but how can you branch out without losing your identity? You’ve probably already considered television by now, right? So how do you build and maintain your personal “brand” while exploring, maybe just dabbling, in the rapid expansion of storytelling platforms?

Jim Krueger has written and produced everything from film to web to graphic novels. Branching out has dramatically enhanced his career, taking him further than ever before. He’s passionate about encouraging and empowering the Act One Alumni to take risks across the multitude of platforms, and he’s offering the tools you need to strategically build a personal brand that builds a following.


PANEL: Youtubers (10:30 – 11:15 AM)

It seems overnight that YouTube became it’s own television network. From vloggers to web series to cute cat videos, the YouTube Channel network has grabbed the world’s attention. It is worth giving a good look at WHY it’s what everyone is talking about and WHY it can serve to be a gateway for filmmakers. Hear the stories and advice of successful content creators paving the way for an even newer era of “new media”, as they traverse the current challenges and wide spectrum of opportunities that come with running your own YouTube Channel.

Nikki Phillippi has almost a half a million YouTube Channel Subscribers. She runs a “Lifestyle” channel: Beauty, Fashion, Health, Music, Wellness and Advice. With videos, hauls, beauty tutorials and beauty reviews, she helps people be the best they can be.

Austin Null of The Nive Nulls has over 56,000 YouTube Subscribers, with videos sometimes reaching over 250,000 viewers. The Nive Nulls are a Los Angeles based, fun vlogging couple who show their crazy daily lives in an entertaining and fast paced way. Filming everything from adventures in the grocery store to the joys of being new parents to their daughter, Audriauna, Austin and Brittany make fun videos that the entire family can enjoy.

Moderator: Jim Krueger, Writer Producer


INVESTORS & FUNDRAISING: Joe Wehinger (11:30 – 12:15PM)

The million dollar question you can’t seem to answer for yourself: “Where do you get the funding?” Joe Wehinger, an Act One Alumni Weekend Panelist, discusses pitfalls of the poorly executed investor approach and the ineffective crowd-funding campaign, while offering the solutions that could actually green light your next project. It’s all in the strategy.


CASE STUDY: Summer Break with Channing Sargent (12:15 – 1:00 PM)

Summer Break, released in June of 2013 and sponsored by AT&T, was a groundbreaking innovative digital series. It was the very first digital series told in real time via social media outlets Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram and anchored itself as a YouTube Channel web series, which was daily shaped, unashamedly, by audience response.

Summer Break followed a group of LA based high school graduates experiencing a life-changing and final summer together – telling their stories, their way.

Hear the in’s and out’s of Fullscreen’s significant involvement in making the show a huge success and future model for creating audience fellowship in the digital arena.

Channing Sargent is an general manager, producer, and writer at Full Screen. She has supervised video projects from development to production and post-production, as well as controlling production, marketing budgets and allocating resources. With extensive experience in the social media world, Channing managed a network of YouTube channels as well as developed business relationships and partnerships in the relevant digital space.

Moderator: Gary Bryman, Vice Chair of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council.


HOW WE DID IT: Coco Francini & Joe LaMattina (1:00 – 1:45 PM)

With as much success as actor Zach Braff has had since Garden State and Scrubs, his most recent passion project WISH I WAS HERE would have never seen the light of day without KICKSTARTER. “Be your own producer” (and director) has become a glaring reality for Zach Braff, and it’s taken a village to make this dream a reality. You’ve probably donated to a Kickstarter campaign or two, but this one was an overwhelming success for more reasons than one.

Producer Coco Francini and Social Campaign Director Editor Joe LaMattina share the nuts and bolts of getting WISH I WAS HERE off the ground through Kickstarter, how they built their audience, kept it in tact by interacting through production and is still growing even now through post production.

Moderator: Christina Lee Storm, Executive Director, Act One, Inc.



Act One Writing Alum Lisa England is the pioneer of an original collaborative steampunk fantasy, a mass-participation web series, Aurelia.

Completely self-sustained by online participants, the content creators, this steampunk-fantasy drama follows the citizens of a self-sustaining, steam-powered city as they battle a deadly energy crisis. Through this portal, Aurelia’s citizens report on their daily lives, trade gossip, spy on enemies and collaborate with allies in the city’s ongoing quest for sustainable power.

Lisa expresses, “From hiring a creative time for the first time, to recruiting actors (many of whom quickly became friends)…to experiencing the ups and downs of a story that went exactly where I thought it would (and nowhere near it at all!) . . . it’s been a whirlwind of a journey.”

Hear the full story of Lisa’s journey: the nuts and bolts of show-running, what she learned about managing participant expectations, and how she succeeded in building a devoted audience who is now asking for more.