Put Your Stamp on Culture: Learn the Business and Craft of Hollywood from Act One

Spend the summer learning how to write or produce for Hollywood with Act One: a premiere Christian training program in the industry.

Hollywood, CA  – Launched in 1999 to train writers in the craft of screenwriting, Act One has evolved to include a producing program as well. The organization currently has over seven hundred alumni — writers and producers — working throughout the entertainment industry.

“We have created a program that is uniquely designed to keep Christians competitive in the marketplace. In addition, the program will help them navigate this complex industry as they live out their faith in Hollywood,” says Christina Lee Storm, Act One’s Executive Director.

Christina, a working producer, recently released a short documentary titled LIFE AFTER PI. The film shines a spotlight on the current state of the Visual Effect community in Hollywood and is part of a bigger project titled HOLLYWOOD ENDING. Since it’s release on YouTube, the film has hit over 700,000 views.

For those looking to start a career in film or television, Act One’s two training tracks are the ideal place to start.

Act One’s Writing for Film and Television Program is an intense and rewarding experience for emerging and experienced screenwriters alike. For ten weeks, on Saturdays, students are guided through workshops covering structure, character, plot, dialogue, theme, meaning and more. Working writers, producers and agents are brought in to teach and advise students not only on the craft, but how to have a balanced, vibrant spiritual life as well.

Act One’s Producing and Entertainment Executive Program offers ten weeks of workshops focused on the business and creative side of producing film and television. Producers, executives, and lawyers offer their expertise and industry-know how. They cover topics including development, script coverage, contracts, financing and determining the right projects to shepherd. In addition, students are matched with internships, where they experience what it takes to make film and television shows come to life.

Christian McGuigan, Act One’s new head of Producing and Entertainment Executive Program, and the current Director of Social Action Film Campaigns at Participant Media, says: “I believe that Act One’s students and extended community’s influence will continue to grow with the industry.  As Hollywood expands its global reach and the digital marketplace continues to dominate, the need for the kind of professionally trained,  highly skilled writers, producers and executives that Act One is known for producing, will ensure continued positive impact in the future.”

So what are you waiting for? Put your stamp on this culture. Come and spend your summer with Act One. Learn what it takes to make a real difference in Hollywood. Don’t miss out on this life-changing program.



Everyone has a movie idea. Here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for: from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the country, learn how to transform that idea into a screenplay.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) – Act One, a Christian-based, premiere training organization for writers looking to work in Hollywood, is now offering their acclaimed Writing for Film Program online. This February, the Online Writing for FIlm Program will launch and anyone looking to write for the Industry is encouraged to go through the course.

For a limited time, Act One is offering a 20% discount on tuition for those that apply before January 20th and are accepted into the program.

The Act One Spring Online Writing for Film Program is an interactive course, focusing on the core aspects of screenwriting — plot, character, dialogue, conflict, worlds, and theme — as well as the areas that make screenwriting high-art — introducing characters in memorable ways, story twists and turns, haunting visual moments and more.

However, Act One’s signature writing program also focuses and challenges students to master the craft of storytelling by moving Audiences through radiance, wholeness, and harmony of beauty.

Led by a working professional Master Teacher, the video classes are supplemented with Skype group writing sessions, writing exercises, creative exercises and more. Your Master Teacher will guide and challenge you to tell stories of substance to beckon audiences toward truth, goodness, and even faith.

Having trained screenwriters since 1999, Act One has a track record for turning out top-notch talent. With an alumni base of film students graduates from the likes of USC, UCLA, and Pepperdine, and alums having worked on films like The Blindside, White Collar, and Arrested Development, Act One is a fertile training ground for those looking to make screenwriting a long and meaningful career.

The faculty is comprised of working writers, producers, executives, and agents, many times stepping off the lot of their current projects, and stepping into our classroom to distill their decades-worth of knowledge to those hungry to get better at the craft.

Act One’s Spring Online Writing for Film program bolts out of the gates with a 5-day intensive workshop, where writers will sit with Hollywood screenwriters, producers, and executives and engage in high-level discussions on film, story, faith and contemporary culture. The Workshop also includes a series of intensive lectures focused on the vision and creativity needed to succeed in the current Hollywood system. In addition, you will be given the chance to connect with the Act One community (700 strong), arguably the most important part of being an Act One student.

From there, the program moves into the 10-week Online Program, where the nuts-and-bolts of screenwriting is explored and developed. When writers come out the other side of the 10-weeks, they can expect to have a better grasp on the Artistry, Professionalism, Knowledge, and Confidence need to thrive in mainstream Hollywood. Additionally, they will have the foundations of a solid feature film outline or treatment and access to the Act One Alumni Programs and a vibrant Creative Community.

The Act One Spring Online for Writing Program is now accepting applications through January 20, 2014. The program begins in late February and runs through early May 2014, and costs $3,850.

For anyone that applies before January 20, is accepted into the program and pays the tuition in full before February 15, they will receive a 20% discount. That’s over a $700 discount.

Writers can apply at the Act One website:

Teaching unparalleled STORYTELLING is the foundation of Act One. Act One is a faith-based, non-profit organization that since 1999 has been a training program and incubator for writers and producers to create cinema, television, and digital media to reach and inspire a global audience. The Act One Alumni is 700+ strong; they are ground-breakers and innovators in their fields as well as an active part of the entertainment industry working with such companies as Warner Brothers, Pixar, CBS, Paramount, NBC, Fox, and many independent production companies. Our Faculty and Mentors include many Oscar winning producers and award winning writers. They come from both the studio system and indie film world.


Act One Christmas Party

Saturday, December 7 @ 5PM!

We look forward to kicking off the Christmas season with our Act One Tribe! Please remember it is also a food drive with LA Food Bank, so bring a canned good or two or three and impact the City this season!

If you haven’t already – RSVP for the Act One Christmas Party. Space is limited. Let us know if you are bringing a guest!

Saturday, December 7
5 pm to 9 pm

Planet Dailies at the Grove
6333 West 3rd Street, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Small appetizers will be served. Food, beer and wine will be available for purchase from the bar, including a special “Act One Cocktail.” Raffle tickets for $2 each will also be sold. Some prizes will include:

- Cinebag Camera Bag for your DSLR, HD Cam, or Laptop
- Thunder Studio Messenger Bag + goodies inside
- Birns and Sawyer Filmmaker Videos
- 2014 Morning Mentor Sessions (This is an invite only, limited participants, Mentoring Session with Act One Faculty and Guest Speakers including Producers, Executives, Agents, Lawyers, Writers, & Directors) (Valued at priceless)
- Free Admission to the next Act One Event
- Be Christina Lee Storm’s guest for the pre-release screening of LONE SURVIVOR – Q&A to follow with cast member Mark Wahlberg and Producer/Writer/Director Peter Berg
- And many more prizes! Either for you or make it a Christmas gift!

RSVP by emailing Lara Sumera.


What To Do When Producers Won’t Read Your Script

by Phil Cooke

If I’m not careful, at any given moment I could have a stack of movie scripts or book manuscripts on my desk that have been mailed to me, and are waiting to be read. In fact, it’s been that way too many times in the past. I totally understand that many well-intentioned, passionate, and sometimes desperate writers (I’ve been there) are eager to get someone they respect to read their work and give them thoughts and feedback. But the fact is, if most producers said yes to everyone that asks,we’d have little time to accomplish anything of our own.

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Christian Entertainment Program Announces New Digital Initiative

August 7, 2013
Dan Ohlson
(626) 419-1489

Christian Entertainment Program Announces New Digital Initiative

Hollywood, CA – Act One—a premier training program for Christian screenwriters, producers, and executives announced today that it will be kicking off its new digital initiative during its alumni weekend on August 16 and 17 at Downtown Independent, 251 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
The digital initiative will continue through a six week Technology in Storytelling Series —which will look at how technology has changed storytelling.

“We work in the most dynamic industry in the world that evolves every day and we want to be on the cutting edge, embracing and leading that change. Right now that applies to technology and the role it plays in storytelling,” said Christina Lee Storm, Executive Director of Act One.

“The motivation behind our TECHNOLOGY IN STORYTELLING is to equip our writers and producers with the latest information in technology, and to provide the tools so that we can be on the forefront in Hollywood of inspiring new ideas and exploring new frontiers,“ added Storm.

Details for the alumni weekend on August 16 & 17 include:

  • Alumni Spotlight with CLARE SERA: Your Next Comedy Feature: Adapting to Studio Budgets. Clare is a 1999 Writing Program Alum. She is the writer of the feature film screenplay “Blended”, a recent Happy Madison purchase, currently in production, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.
  • Alumni Spotlight with JIM BRANDON: Jim is a 2010 TV Track Alum and NBC “Writers on the Verge” Alum. He is most recently known for his writing role on the 4th season of “Arrested Development,” aired on Netflix.
  • Alumni Spotlight with KEVIN WILLSON: New Media as a Starting Point: Kevin is 2001 Writing Program Alum. He has teamed with many Act One Alumni to produce Doritos commercials which have aired in the past three Super Bowls. His 2012 entry, “Sling Baby,” earned First Place and a million dollar purse in the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest.
  • Expert Panel 1: Engaging Your Audience through Digital & New Media.
  • Expert Panel II: Exploring the Changing Landscape of Television.


For details and registration for the Alumni Weekend, go to:
For all the details about the digital initiative please visit:

About Act One
Act One is a faith-based organization that since 1999 has trained writers and producers to create cinema and television to reach and inspire a global audience. Master classes and seminars are led by many Oscar winning producers and award winning writers through hands-on projects in a variety of media. The Act One Alumni is 700+ strong; they are ground-breakers and innovators in their fields as well as an active part of the entertainment industry, and its reach extends to the very creative and production core of studios such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Pixar, ABC, CBS, Paramount, NBC, Fox, and many independent production companies. You can read more about Act One at