• All scripts must be written in English, 85-130 pages in length, and formatted properly (The Hollywood Standard by Chris Riley will be the reference).
  • Only feature length scripts will be accepted.
  • Only screenwriters who have made less than $100,000 on a single script are eligible. This does not include prize money from other contests.
  • Contestant grants Act One the right to publish contestant’s name, script name, and logline in conjunction with the contest and future contests.
  • Scripts that are or have been optioned or sold to a studio or major production company, or those that have already been produced, are not eligible.
  • The contest does not imply any offer or guarantee of scripts being optioned or bought.
  • Please register each submitted script with the US Copyright Office or the Writer’s Guild of America; Act One will not be liable for any failure to do so.
  • Act One alumni are encouraged to apply, but no special preference will be given in the judging process. Any Act One alumni who progress to the quarter-finalist stage or above will be indicated on published materials with a star next to their name. Names will not be revealed to the judges until final decisions are made at each round.
  • Act One Staff and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter.
  • The title page of the script will be removed for judging to prevent any potential bias on the basis of name, sex, or geographic location. All entries will be anonymous to the judges.
  • Writers may submit multiple scripts for consideration.