Act One, Inc., exists to create a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry who are committed to artistry, professionalism, meaning, and prayer, so that through their lives and work they may be witnesses of Christ and the Truth to their fellow artists and to the global culture.
Our graduates are prepared for careers marked by integrity and excellence, in writers’ rooms, on sets, and in studio and network offices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce cinema and television that respect and serve the global audience, combining mastery of craft with depth and substance. Our emphasis is on transforming the content of Hollywood entertainment and the culture that produces it.

In service of this vision, Act One offers a variety of educational programs endorsed by industry insiders, including the Writing for Film & Television Program and the Producing & Entertainment Executive Program.


The Act One offices are located in the hills beneath the iconic Hollywood sign in the historic neighborhood of Hollywoodland. This location reminds us to pray always for the Hollywood community that we serve.


Mastering the craft of storytelling to move audiences through the radiance, wholeness, and harmony of beauty.

“In every heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty.”
-Christopher Morley


Exceeding the best practices of the industry in excellence, honesty, trustworthiness, hard work, and a “no excuses” mentality.

“Excellence is an art won by training. We are what we repeatedly do.”


Telling stories of substance to beckon audiences toward truth, goodness, and even faith.

“Faith is what someone knows to be true, whether they believe it or not.”
-Flannery O’Connor


Sustaining a soul-nourishing spiritual journey of holiness and love made possible by individual and community prayer.

“Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things.”
-Samuel M. Shoemaker